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Straight Talking - International Digital Marketing Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

In this podcast, Lynsey chats with Simon Kemp who is the brains and data expert behind the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report.   Lynsey and Simon dig into the eCommerce findings of the data and share key actionable take aways brands should consider and implement to win in 2022.  To read this year's (and previous ones)...

Mar 15, 2022

Molly and Lynsey chat about recruitment challenges.

Whether you are someone looking for a new role or an organisation recruiting social media can play a key part.  Listen in to find out about what challenges organisations are facing, how they are overcoming them plus some key insights and data from Molly 

Other useful...

Mar 2, 2022

Digital marketing gallops along and it’s a struggle to stay up to date. Each month our wonderful digital team collates the most useful updates to what's changed, what's new, how to use/adapt and be agile in this constantly changing arena.

In this issue we cover: